Funding calls

Current Funding Calls

Discovery Projects

The Discovery Projects represent the most substantial part of Towards a National Collection and the call aims to fund up to five projects over a maximum of 36 months within a total funding envelope of up to £15m. The indicative limit for each project is £3 million (80 per cent fEC). This call will have a two-stage application process via UKRI’s Joint Electronic Submission System (JeS), with an outline stage followed by a full proposal stage.

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Discovery Webinars

Rebecca Bailey - The Towards a National Collection Discovery Call

Sarah Burgess - Applying to the Discovery Project Call


Pip Willcox - Engage! Behind the scenes of citizen science and heritage data

Prof. Jane Winters - Connecting the UK's Cultural Heritage

Previous Funding Calls

Foundation Projects

The call aimed to lay the foundations for a virtual national collection through collaborative projects that identify and address the current or future challenges facing the formation of such a collection. Independent Research Organisations were invited to produce, collaboratively via IROC (the standing committee of IRO research directors), a shortlist of up to 12 candidate Foundational Collaborative Projects from which 8 projects was selected, via a Panel assessment process.

Foundation Projects

The call has now closed.

COVID-19 Projects

As part of the UKRI open call for research and innovation ideas to address the COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts. The COVID-19 call particularly welcomes research on digital capacity and digital engagement with cultural assets during the lockdown, and on lessons to be learned from these for future patterns of cultural engagement. Further guidance on making an application can be found in the below link.

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Urgency Call

The call has now closed.